Amped Distributors has been making waves in the South African water-sports industry for over a decade.  

We are the proud official South African Distributors of LiquidForce, Hyperlite, Byerly, HO Sports, HO Skis and StraightLine Sports products.  We are also the proud owners of only 1 of 3 of South Africa's cable parks, StokeCity WakePark, which is also the only cable park in the country to boast both a Full-size and 2-Tower cable.

Based on our knowledge of the local water-sports industry and our passion for anything water-related, bringing WaterParks SA into the fold was a natural extension of what we already do - Have fun on the Water!

WaterPlaySA is the only official WIBIT Distributor in South Africa.  The German watersports company Wibit Sports GmbH has been producing inflatable water sports products for commercial grade for over 19 years.They are distributed in over 70 countries worldwide. From Commercial Pools, Resorts, Camps or Open Water Locations, Wibit believes people everywhere should experience the excitement of play on the water, and they saw that WaterPlay SA was the right partner to help them achieve this goal.

We Own a Wibit SportsPark

We pride ourselves in being end-users of ALL the products we distribute.  If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we would not consider selling it to you.  Come and pay us a visit and get to see first-hand what a Wibit SportsPark looks like in use. StokeCity WakePark is proud to be the first open water location in South Africa to have installed a Wibit SportsPark.

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Passion & Experience

You can sit back & relax, knowing you are partnering with a company who has over a decade of experience in distributing products that bring people joy on the water!  We want you to have confidence in your purchase, knowing that you are guaranteed to be working with people who know what they are doing.  Our experience takes the guess work out of your decision.

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Our Passionate Team

As important as teamwork is in sports, so it is for us! A functioning team is the key to good performance and therefore to long-term success. At WaterPlaySA, we are more than just colleagues; we are a group of like-minded individuals and we love what we do. Our products make it easy for us to get enthusiastic about our jobs and we are passionate about making people happy, and spreading our love of water.